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A word before we start - One of my deeply held beliefs is Free Spelling. Meaning that as long as you can tell what a word id supposed to be, it doesn't matter if it's spelled right. Also, made up words are allowed as long as they are clearly defined. There. Now don't don't E-Mail or somment on spelling.

Blog Exerpt of the Month


Most poeple see economics as a science, but is it really? How can people claim that a bunch of formulas can represent the chaotic market place. Is it really possible to predict the future of the economy of a country? The formulas seem more like hopeful incantations then analytical models, and the practitioners of economics use a strange, unworldy language, involving words such as "Aggregate" and "Marginal Propensity to Spend". It seems the evidence is piling up to reach one unescapable conclusion.

That's right, economics is a cult, and because it involves math, an EVIL cult. These strange people with their strange ways, using the ancient formulas to determine how best to placate the dark one, Mar'ket, and use it to shape mankind to their insidious will.

Crazy am I? Perhaps, but first take the test. Does this next sentence sound more like scientific logic or magical incantation?

"The equlibrium of supply and demand maximizes the sum of consumer and producer surplus"

And thats just micro-economocs, with macro you can fold space and time itself.

So remeber, next time you here something about the GDP of a country, its probably an economist code number on how many days left till Mar'ket rises and the entire Earth becomes one giant Street O' Walls.

Have a good day,

- Tapp

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